Day 8 (to Logorno): The Return Of The Koreans

I started off this morning around 8:00 …

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although I was awake around 5:00 I thought I’d take it slowly … after all it’ll be only 20 km day today, … a slight misconception. I figured out (later) that it is much better to start as early as possible, because even the spring sunshine saps your energy rather fast … siesta is a local custom for a reason.

Ten minutes later Dieter catches up with me. We chat for a while on Karl May and a variety of  other topics. In the distance we spot Mick and Megi who diligently applies my advice on “take a frequent break and let your feet breathe” policy. After a while uphill then downhill I lag behind a bit before Viana. Still no blisters but I’m wagging like a duck on the Way.

As I enter Viana I see that Mick and Meri managed to find a nice bench … good place for a snack. We are joined by a Spanish peregerino  on a bike. He does between 40 and 90 km a day.

The path continues … uphill of course. First a small marketplace … then a street along the church which leads to a small square. Time for another short break.  A crowd begins to gather … is it a procession or a demonstration. Groups of small kids in costumes are forming lines behind the initial group … guess its some kind of festival then.

As I exit the town, I spot Maren finishing her lunch. We are joined by old lady slowly coming down the street. The lady is 91. Out of her torrent of Spanish we only managed to pick up a few words when she asked Maren how old is she, 39 … “why those are the best years” ... says the old lady. Guess she would know.

We continue onwards and soon catch up with Megi, taking a break. Both ladies leave me behind as I take a break with a group of Koreans on benches near the river.

Moving on, I glimpse is a city stretching on the horizon and its feel like its taking forever to reach it. The path is parallel to the town, then it looks like its veering away from it … then it looks like its going the opposite way …?!?!.  I pass through a small pine forest that smells like summer to me.

Finally … a signpost announces Logorno.
Yeeessss … but wait … the road goes on and on …. followed by the 1st, 2nd … n-th underpass until my feet stage a rebellion and demand a break. Sitting in a shade … with a slight breeze … happiness sure doesn’t take much. Few Brits passing me by comment .. “siesta hey?”… well, as they say …when in Rome …

Slightly recuperated I continue on … where is that Logrono … have I seen a mirage or a city. Finally after an uphill slope there it is. Near the road a lady is offering sellos (Camino stamps).
I manage to roll down to the city … through the park … over the bridge … asking for directions few times … and at 16:00 I enter the albergue … feeling better already, once I passed through the gate.

As I registered, when old and young hospitalero saw that I was from Croacia … they both yelled “Davor Suker” .. “what do you know”… says the old one to the young one … “you were still a kid when Suker played football for Real”.
Beds here form quite a maze … I almost got lost looking for B7.

I get settled in and returned downstairs, where I ran into my Korean buddies from the Pyrenees, plus Ginny plus quite a few other Koreans they picked up along the way.

After a shower, laundry and a bit of rest I almost feel like a new man.

That was day no. 8.