Camino Prayers

Although official stats say that 95% of pilgrims have a “religious or other” reason for doing the Camino my impression was that “other” is more prevailing. At the same time I felt that vast majority of pilgrims experience a heightened sense of spirituality during the Camino.

If you want to attend mass regularly during the Camino bear in mind that most churches you encounter in Spain will be closed and that often there is only one mass on weekdays (sometimes even on Sundays). Here is a Google map with church locations and mass schedule.

The Cathedral of Santiago Pilgrim Office recommends a following blessing as spiritual preparation for the Camino.

And here are The Beatitudes of the Pilgrim

1. Blessed are you pilgrim, if you discover that the “camino” opens your eyes to what is not seen.
2. Blessed are you pilgrim, if what concerns you most is not to arrive, as to arrive with others.
3. Blessed are you pilgrim, when you contemplate the “camino” and you discover it is full of names and dawns.
4. Blessed are you pilgrim, because you have discovered that the authentic “camino” begins when it is completed.
5. Blessed are you pilgrim, if your knapsack is emptying of things and your heart does not know where to hang up so many feelings and emotions.
6. Blessed are you pilgrim, if you discover that one step back to help another is more valuable than a hundred forward without seeing what is at your side.
7. Blessed are you pilgrim, when you don’t have words to give thanks for everything that surprises you at every twist and turn of the way.
8. Blessed are you pilgrim, if you search for the truth and make of the “camino” a life and of your life a “way” in search of the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
9. Blessed are you pilgrim, if on the way you meet yourself and gift yourself with time, without rushing, so as not to disregard the image in your heart.
10. Blessed are you pilgrim, if you discover that the “camino” holds a lot of silence, and the silence of prayer, and the prayer of meeting with God who is waiting for you.

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