Camino Portuges 2016

An overview of blog posts from Camino Portuges in 2016.
I started on July 27th in Lisbon and arrived in Santiago de Compostela on August 23rd.

Here I go again 

and hopefully there'll be many more again's in the future ....  evermore,  evermore. I am back ...
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Day 1: Alpriate

I left the hostel at 4:45 ...  approximately. The Italian girls proved as pianissimo as I expected ...  such an ...
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Dan 2: Vila Franca De Xira

The day started at 5:00...  pitch dark outside... but the arrows are still visible. I've set the headlamp in order ...
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Day 3: Porto de Muge 

Today the day started at 3:45 because... ...  the  planed route is about 30 km. If I want to avoid ...
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Day 4. Santarém 

I keep getting surprised by the way I feel after a decent rest and a meal. Today I am in ...
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