Day 26. Padron

I leave the English couple sleeping since they don’t seem to enjoy such early starts.  The Way continues through the vineyards…  along the chapel. m through a few villages until reaching Calsad de Reis.

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A small peregrino crowd forms there..  Frank from Poland,  Madrigeno I met at Tui,  couple of girls from Seville…

The Way leads through a bit of forest…  than a village…  and repeats. After some km’s  there is a sign showing a bar 15 m from the Camino. I’ve learned to be sceptical when it comes to signs and distances, but in this case it was even less than 15 m.

A bunch of peregrinos stop here for breakfast.  The breakfast is pretty good and the var has an interesting side room with walls filled with peregrino autographs.

The Way continues through the village…  with,  by now familiar,  maze of narrow streets … followed by the road… followed by the forest.

In the forest I’ve chatted up with a group of Spanish peregrinos. They are part of the organised group and carry backpacks smaller than the one my nephew carries to the kindergarten.

At the road crossing ahead there is a guy standing next to the vehicle which looks like a police car.  What is this … ticketing for speed walking? …  true the Spanish are pushing a brisk pace…  but still. The guy turns out to be a firefighter handing out Camino stamps.

The Way continues downhill through the thick forest.  My feet are back to normal and I manage quite a lively pace. Outside the forest a small rest area with a few benches.  A group of Portugese is already there and once again I hear Bom Caminho. As I’m getting ready to continue a Spanish peregrino shows up and bids me Ultreya…  et suseia I reply back.  He starts to explain that its old medieval pilgrim greeting…  I know it…  from Codex Calixtinus,  first pilgrim guidebook.

Another bit through the suburbs and here I am,  in front of the city.  Before the city there is a bridge…  and under the bridge…  three guys in kayaks.  One is trying to play a live game of battleship but the guy in the blue kayak manages to avoid being sunk.

So here I am at Padron.

First albergue …  struck out. Only private room available,  tad expensive for my budget. Second albergue…  also struck out…  a loooong line an hour before it opens. Third time is the charm…  I’m the first peregrino to arrive.

After a standard routine I went in search of a restaurant. At the albergue lobby there was a flyer for a restaurant with 6 options for menu peregrino.  Sounds good..  lets find it.  And found it I did..  alas I also found something else…  a sign at the door saying its closed for this week.

Okaaay…  its plan B time, which works yet again.  After the siesta …  a wise local custom …  I head off to the evening mass at the big church dedicated to St.  James.  After mass the lady selling souvenirs tries to persuade me to get a sello (Camino stamp)  but I only have two spaces left for tomorrow.  (technically for the last 100 km you should get two stamps per day)

That was day no.  26.