Day 19. Fao

This morning I wasn’t greeted by the seagulls but rather the sound of the waves.

The path almost all the way from Porto is a nice wooden track across the beaches. A group of dozen or beach campers made a small tent village on the beach…  still sleeping.

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As the Way leaves the beach and enters the city I spot a poster for the communist party of Portugal,  hammer and sickle…  the whole shebang.  It looks like the party youth section is organising summer parties.  How does that saying go …  those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it…  unfortunately plenty of that going around.

I wind up at the beach again …  lot of joggers and people out on a stroll. There is also a guy who is doing some kind of beach art,  drawing circles in the sand. Bit further the English peregrinas are having a coffee break near the beach.

The Way leaves the town and the sea,  passing through small agricultural plots …  the path is getting more narrow. A couple of peregrinas are heading the wrong way…  though blonde, they aren’t lost,  just walking on to Porto after Santiago. There are also some new faces,  pilgrims who started from Porto.

I reach Fao just in time for the fiesta…  there is a bunch of tents near the church. With just a tiny bit of wandering around I found the hostel…  a room with 4 beds and not a single roommate…  another Camino luxury.

The bar owner where I had lunch is especially pilgrim friendly.  I even got a small rock painted blue,  with a yellow arrow …  as a memento.

That was day no. 19.

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